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Hello there! You've just landed on Daideiru Official's blog. I've been writing online stories, since I found it a hassle to waste paper and ink. Ah, I don't really care about making the world green, but this definitely saves a heck load of time. So yeah, my personal links would be provided in the 'Profile' section over at the navigations you see on your right. Take a look, browse my autobiology, and see what kind of person I'm like. Coded by clueless. Editted by me.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Well this one has neither a prolouge or an introduction of the characters... Sigh.

So, I'm writing a story based on a teenage girl, Lynee, who leads a normal typical life. However, an unexpected visitor arrives, sending a direct shock to her family!
Who was it? And what would happen to her? Ya have to read on... ;)

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Sinister Heart.

Serene is an 15 year old average teenage girl, with slightly wavy, dark brown hair that falls to her waist, and olive-blue eyes.

Elaine, with wavy blonde hair and clear blue eyes, had been Serene's best friend since 5th grade. Though they've been through thick and thin together, Elaine had never really understood her.

Marcus, 18, with messy short-cropped, jet-black hair, and warm hazel eyes, had been Serene's childhood playmate ever since she moved into the neighbourhood, Hazel Street. Marcus read her like an open book, and knew whenever she way lying or had troubles. Serene thinks he only treats her like a little sister. But is there more than that?

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Blessed Curse.

Well, I don't have a prolouge for this one, so here are the characters I've came up with so far. Note: I'm using old fashioned names ;)

Estelle: The girl with the Cursed Eye. She's tough and all, but has an amazingly soft spot for animals. She has a lightly tanned complexion, dark-brown hair and eyes. However, her left eye has a slight tint of red...

Leon: Estelle's childhood friend who has a thing for technicals and machinery. He has always had a crush for Estelle, though she doesn't realise it. He also has a strange tattoo on his left chest; the shape of a cross, with mysterious swirls, ancient-looking wordings, chains, and a strange glow. His hair the color of autumn leaves, and has warm hazel eyes.

Liora: Estelle's best friend. She's sweet, clumsy, and has a green thumb. She has gone through thick and thin with Estelle, no matter how hard or painful it was. She has platinum blonde hair, and strong brown eyes.

Cole: Estelle's boyfriend, and the school's football ace. Sometimes mysteriously seen with the school's principal, what could be the meaning behind this? He also seems to be hiding something from Estelle, what could it be? Has blonde hair, and olive eyes.

Heidyl: Transforms into a mytical, nine-tailed wolf-like creature called an Eclairine, with snow white fur and icy-blue eyes. In his human form, he has very fair, long platinum hair, and the same blue eyes. He guides the teenagers through the rough and dangerous adventures, and is the only form of translation in languages when it comes to meeting strangers.

Cheshire: He is also a mytical creature who can go against gravity and has stunningly fast speed. His monstrous form is of a cat, with large claws and razor teeth as weapons when provoked. His midnight-black cat ears and tail still remains in his human form, with a large bell attached to its tail, and menacing claws emerging from his gloved hands. He is clothed from head to toe, black, accompanied with jet-black hair and ruby-red eyes.

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Hello everyone! I'm Daideiru, and this is my pen name :D
I've been working on a total of three stories so far; Apocalypse, Sinister Heart, and Blessed Curse. This is arranged accordingly to which had came first. Blessed Curse is my most recent one, followed by Sinister Heart, and Apocalypse.

Blessed Curse is based on more of adventure, school life, romance, and maybe a lil' bit of horror ;D

Sinister Heart is based on school life and romance.

Apocalypse, is based on school life, romance, horror, thrill, and adventure.

Well, the following posts are the prolouges of each story.


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